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Temporary Warehousing

We offer complete temporary warehousing solutions. Please call us to find out more on (01536) 412020.

Temporary Warehouse
The finished Building

Temp A Wall® temporary walling system. What is it ?
The combination of an Aluminium frame with a heavy duty PVC planking product to give a rapid and adaptable system for building temporary structures.

It is ideal for providing temporary warehousing and storage solutions, particularly when lead times and costs are critical.

Our temporary storage solutions are typically half the cost of steel framed permanent structures.

Speed of assembly

Versatility – The building can be up to 15 metres in span and up to 6 metres in height at the eaves. Because of the modular construction the length is effectively unlimited.

The entire structure can be extended, relocated, sold on, or even dismantled and stored for later use.

Other features
Fire retardant and UV stable
Doors, windows and roller shutter doors can be incorporated just like a normal building.
The building can be ‘stand alone’ or attached to an existing ‘permanent’ building.

Steel reinforcements can be inserted inside planking for even greater security and stiffness.

Wind Resistant Marquee Walling

The walling system is designed to work as part of temporary warehouse structures. The system is calculated to withstand windspeeds of up to 60 mph.

Environmentally Friendly
The planks are made from re-cycled uPVC and at the end of their life – which is likely to be several years – they can be re-cycled again.

• Temporary warehousing, storage    and factories
• Sheltered loading bays
• Marquees
• Stages

Temp A Floor® Flooring
This is a temporary flooring system which again is primarily for industrial applications. It is made up of 100mm wide heavy duty PVC planks which lock together. It is strong enough to take up to 500 tonnes / sq m but flexible enough to follow slight surface variations. Because of the way the planks lock together it is possible to cover a large area in a very short time.
It can be used as flooring, roadway or as a temporary surface for parking.
A specialised version is available for covering ice rinks so that they can be used for other purposes. The flooring acts as an insulating barrier between the ice and the top surface of the floor.

Temp-a-Floor Flooring

When necessary the planks can be separated, palleted and moved to the next job. The flooring planks are made from virgin PVC which is re-cyclable.
Prices start from £42 per square metre and, depending on use, the flooring is expected to last for over 10 years.

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